Pierce Estates, Wellesley

Campbell Smith Architects
12,400 sq. ft., new construction
The Pierce Estates house was our first and only "spec" house.

This project gave us a special appreciation for the work architects and owners do to design and choose treatments for their projects. 

We hoped to design a house that would look like it had been standing for 100 years and would not be identified as a "spec" house, either by its design or its performance. Our guiding principles were: quality craftsmanship, thoughtful engineering and respect for the integrity of the product.

We found inspiration in the work of H. H. Richardson, the founder of the shingle style, and the Vassel, Craige, Longfellow architecture of the Pierce Estate in Wellesley. 

Cabinetry by Cook and Cook. All face frames are cope and stick tennoned hard maple, face frames are slide dovetailed to the formaldehyde free cases, every inch of the kitchen meticulously hand-crafted by the Cook family.

Campbell Smith Architects are experts at style, massing and proportion.  Despite 40 pages of drawings in the CD set, we undertook the job of detailing the design of  chimneys, eyebrow dormer, mantles, coffered ceilings and main staircase.

Aerial photos by Alex McLean. 2010

Old Sudbury

Silver Hill

Weston Road

Pierce Estates

Todd Pond

Rocky Neck

Horseshoe Lane

Garden Room